Boreal more than 10 years of history!

Boreal is an international brand with the values of a simple brand and the best faith, hence its slogan "Simply the best".

The Boreal brand offers a wide range of products in the world of household appliances: cold and hot appliances. 

Boreal, the blue and red emblem symbolises coolness or cold and heat respectively. The colours reflect its range of refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, cookers and microwaves.

For 10 years Boreal simply the best has been building a relationship of trust and proximity with its consumers. The brand with simple and better designs and products accompanies consumers in their comfort and well-being by offering them quality products, ergonomic and above all adapted to their budgets; "Just simply the best".

Boréal is a brand that is constantly listening to its customers, constantly thinking about and designing new products and improving these products to meet and remain in line with the lifestyles of its consumers. 

Each of its achievements and innovations reflects its expertise and know-how in household appliances and contributes to making the daily lives of its consumers easier. It is the first brand of quality household appliances adapted to the natural conditions of temperature and pressure in the tropics.

A pioneer in its innovations, Boreal stands out from its competitors by its technological advance and its ability to design products that are very practical, easy to use and above all meet a need. This is demonstrated by its anti-frost and ultra-fast freezing technology in upright freezers.

Boreal is the most popular brand on the market in the tropics. It has positively impacted, continues to impact and will continue to impact the lives of many households.